Couples at a beautiful sunset at Ngong Hills, few kilometres from the busy Nairobi City.

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When I took the portrait of this lady, it was almost valentine. The atmosphere was filled with love/valentine. I asked her what she thought about valentine and she struck this pose.


Tomorrow marks a rather sad day in my life. We’ll be laying to rest some street boys who are amongst the 6 boys who were recently killed by mob and police in Nairobi, Kenya. I’ve worked with street children for a while and I hope that this craziness and injustice will one day come to an end. To the rest of street children, we still care and believe in the inner power that you have. Change is possible.

Check for more of our work with street children.


This day I was in the stadium, apparently supporting the same team with this guy. When everybody rose on their feet to exit the stadium, he was left sitting down thinking about the important points that the team had just lost. The face says it all. I couldn’t help to hold my camera and capture this moment DSC_4460 (2).JPG


Beautiful sunset at Oslo


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